During  COVID-19 ALERT LEVEL 2, St Lukes Veterinary Centre will be open as usual for all routine consultations, vaccinations & procedures. Please call us on 098455573 to make an appointment.  To help maintain social distancing , we ask that only one person accompanies their pet into the clinic.  We also ask that masks are worn inside the building. Click here for further information.


If your pet needs screening for any medical conditions, we have the latest  IDEXX  in-house laboratory which can provide same day results for a wide range of tests.  This also allows us to perform our reccomended pre-anaesthetic blood tests on the morning of your pets procedure.

For other tests we can send these to our external laboratories Gribbles Veterinary Pathology and NZVP 

If your pet requires a blood test , this is usually collected after clipping a small amount of fur off their neck and taking the sample from their jugular vein.  This is a quick and painless procedure that is normally performed without sedation. 

Most blood tests can be taken during a consultation appointment.  For follow up blood tests these may also be done through a nurse appointment.  For monitoring of some therapeutics e.g. thyroxine for hypothyroidism, the timing of the blood test relative to the last dose of medication is important , so please check with the clinic when booking in.

For other tests we can send these to our external laboratories Gribbles Veterinary Pathology and NZVP